Summer in Kimberley

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Take a comparatively large portion of not-too scorching sunshine and blend with half a calendar full of fun activities. Throw in a dash of casual, a dose of unpretentiousness, and a dollop of sweet blissful nothing at all. Add mountains, rivers, lakes and smiles, and perhaps something frosty on a tiny table out-of-doors at the end of the day. Whisk in adventures at the speed of underground railways, a splash of whitewater, some two-wheeled rollin', a line in the river, a drive on the course and there it is: a Kimberley summer!

Of course, that’s just one way to do it. Even unseasoned visitors have no trouble whipping up their own version of a Kimberley summer vacation.

If one can imagine an activity that falls somewhere between paragliding, bike polo and lawn bowling, Kimberley likely has something similar nearby.

What will you do with a Kimberley summer?