Marysville Pub- Live music: E-LeV-8 and Sweet Irie

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 10:00pm

We're back with another epic night of Drum & Bass at The Marysville Pub featuring E-LeV-8 and Sweet Irie!  In the streets of East Vancouver during lunch hours of school, E-Lev-8 started beatboxing. Growing bored with always spitting beats and never rapping, he began to produce simple beats on his computer at home to play, and hasn't stopped producing for almost 18 years. His main focus is Drum and Bass, however, he has produced tunes under House, Dubstep, Mid-Tempo as well as Hip-Hop. E-LeV-8 has a wide range of styles to please the eardrums and heighten the mood of any dancefloor. Not only is he a producer, but has been DJing for 10 years. His flow and style will guarantee to get the crowd’s hands in the air and their feet stomping the ground.  Having attended and worked at Shambhala Music Festival, Vibrant Music Festival, as well as performing at hundreds of events, Raves and House Parties, he is no stranger to the art of reading the crowd.  He has support from DJs and producers such as Eradik and the Philthy City DNB crew, Alan Flava and the RunniT Productions crew, Eternal Vibes, Bass Turtle Productions Logo, Strange Manner, Big Worm, Ninjette, 4:44, Transforma, Vekked, Soup, Fat Pat, and many, many more!

Sweet Irie was conceived by his Influences with his Punk Rock roots and love for Reggae & Ska mixed with Drum&Bass. His passion for music and experience playing in bands and multitudes of instruments is evident in his sound today. His skills behind the turntables guarantee to pack the dance floor.  Keep an eye out for this guy - he's one to watch for in 2019!