Festivals & Events

Things to do in Kimberley year-round

Why bother being a city full of fun lovers if the fun can’t be shared with others? We’ve been known as the city of festivals. But we prefer to be simply known as a good place to be rubbing shoulders, playing games, taking in concerts, watching collective big screens, or racing with folks from in and outta town. Some of our happenings might include spectacularly costumed bocce players, 70+ teams of checkered ball kickers, round-the-mountain racers and dirtbag filmgoers. There might be DJ’s, dancing, bull-riding or schnitzel eating. There could be bicycles and longboards, downhill racers, candlelight x-c skiing, kick-ass paralympians, outdoor painting and indoor rhythms. But there will be, guaranteed, a fairly smashing fun time.

For the 411 on what’s happening here read on, see our events calendar or contact us for more info!