A good place to be making fresh tracks.

The riding around Kimberley ranges from open logging cuts to techy passes that offer tight, steep trees with lots of gullies and creeks. There is terrain here to test anyone’s machine and ability. There aren’t any groomed trails or warm up cabins so come fully prepared with a few basic tools, tow rope, warm clothes and lots of food and water because you will be on your own. Kimberley is famous for dry, deep powder and the majority of the riding starts at 4000 feet above sea level. The larch trees offer a different kind of aesthetic from the dense pine you may be used to; larch trees lose their needles in the fall after turning to a majestic shade of yellow that appears to glow in the early morning and evening light. The bare trees make it easier to see around them to make your next move when negotiating a tech side hill or climb. Although the snowpack may be thinner than coastal or northern areas, the sun and generally colder temps keep it dry and light; perfect for bouncing down a pillow line or slashing into a deep turn.