Kimberley Nature Park

Gateway to Nature

Located entirely within the City boundary the 800 hectare Kimberley Nature Park is twice the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. With over 600 metres of elevation change from its lowest to highest point and under the influence of both the wet Pacific air masses that move down the St. Mary River Valley and the dry air of the Rocky Mountain Trench, the diversity of habitats in the Park is remarkable.

Inhabited by moose, black bear, rubber boas, northern alligator lizards, ant lions and the endangered Williamson’s Sapsucker, the Kimberley Nature Park is an important conservation area and a great place for people to experience the diversity of nature.

A 50 km long network of natural surface trails allows visitors (along with their well-behaved dogs) to safely explore the Park by foot, bicycle, snowshoe or ski.

Horse Barn Valley

Just outside the City boundary and attached to the Kimberley Nature Park is the Horse Barn Valley Interpretive Forest. Co-managed by the Kimberley Nature Park Society and the Province of B.C. this 200 hectare parcel of land contains an old growth cedar forest, most of Dipper Lake, a rustic log cabin, some great viewpoints, and a number of well maintained trails. It is a popular destination for Nature Park hikers and cyclists and shouldn't be missed.

For more information, visit the Kimberley Nature Park Society website.

A map of the Kimberley Nature Park can be purchased at the Visitors Centre located in the downtown parking lot and from many of the stores & gas stations around Kimberley.